Symposium 2013 Report

We opened 1st Joint Usage/Research Center of Sports for Persons with Impairments Symposium 2013 at the event hall in 4F of Forte Wajima building on 15 Dec, 2013.
We invited the lecturer; Dr. Tetsuo Suyama, Director, Medical Committee, Japan Sports Association for the Disabled; Dr. Takashi Kawahara, Director General, Research Departments, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences; Dr. Christof Leicht, Research Assistant, Sport Science The Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport, Loughborough University. We could get strategies for TOKYO 2020 Olympic and Paralympic game.
Opening speech from Dr. Toru Itakura, President, Wakayama Medical University.
Dr. Fumihiro Tajima, Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Wakayama Medical University.
Lecture I
For TOKYO 2020 Paralympic Game
Dr. Tetsuo Suyama

Lecture II

For TOKYO 2020 Olympic Game

Dr. Takashi Kawahara

Lecture III

Looking after your health leading up to TOKYO 2020
Dr. Christof Leicht
Closing speech
Dr. Fukumi Furukawa, Director, Center for Health Promotion and Sports Science.
Many audiences came from not only Wakayama, but Oita, Hiroshima and Tokyo.
The symposim ended in prosperity.
We are most grateful to perticipants and concerned staff.
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