Yoshitaka Okamura, MD and PhD

President of Wakayama Medical University


The purpose of the faculties in Wakayama Medical University is improvement of community medicine and health promotion. One of these contributions is practice of medical support for athletes with impairment.

It is a great pleasure that Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sports Science has obtained the authorization from the Ministry of Education in order to establish the Joint Usage/Research Center of Sports for Persons with Impairments, due to the activity of this center was appreciated by the Ministry.

The National Sports Festival and National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities will be held in Wakayama Prefecture in 2015, the large number of athletes included people with disabilities will come. They are expected to play exciting games throughout the prefecture. Moreover, Tokyo has been elected as the host city of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games formally. This bid activity focused on sports for persons with impairments, it was impressive for us that supporting athletes with impairments is more important than ever.

This center has newest facilities such as three-dimension motion analyzer and environmental chamber, and also clinical medicine function. This center is one of the greatest institute in Japan, researchers can analyze, research and support comprehensively the effort into sports for persons with impairments. We wish researchers of sports for persons with impairments utilize the institute to the full, make a progress in research fields throughout joint usage/research.

Researches in this institute are not only for subject with impairments, also useful to improve performance for athletes without impairments, health promotion for aged, and rehabilitation in the convalescent stage from disease. We expect utilization of this center in wide research fields.

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